What is the difference between the EasyGrazer neo and classic?

The EasyGrazer® classic is our model made of the highly water-repellent synthetic material Secu, a robust material from Kieffer made of a sturdy fabric encased in soft plastic. It is anti-allergenic and odorless and is used for bridles, stirrup leathers and riding chaps. The EasyGrazer® classic is riveted nickel-free and each connection represents a predetermined breaking point. Replacement rivets are added so that the EasyGrazer® can be immediately repaired with a pair of pliers or a hammer after heavy pressure. Secu is a flexible but dimensionally stable material.


The EasyGrazer® neo is made of waterproof Biothane and is 
sewn. There are some riveted break points, but even the
strong seams give way under heavy pressure and can be
repaired by the saddler. Biothane has been used for 40
years for horses and canine equipment. It is soft and
extremely robust at the same time.   Both variants have the same soil made of bioproof-certified
Biothane and are absolutely tooth-friendly. Even with
continuous use, the teeth remain intact. Both are
lightweight and weigh less than 200 grams.