Reviews of the EasyGrazer Grazing Muzzle

Meike L.

Hello Mrs. Georgi,the Easygrazer arrived yesterday and my pony has been wearing it for an hour and a half today. She ate and made a quite satisfied impression. If it stays like this, it would be a dream. Thank you very much and best regards Meike L.

Christiane S.

Dear Ms. Georgi, thank you for the friendly phone call and the time you took to explain Easy Grazer to me. After about 14 days delivery time it arrived and I immediately drove to the pasture to put it on my mare. You said to me on the phone: "It's not a fairy tale when I tell you that the horse will immediately accept the Easy Grazer and eat it!" And what can I say: I put it on our Lotta, the head went down and she continued to eat. I've been watching her for a long time, it really is the case that she doesn't feel disturbed or restricted by anything. That's great! Now, after a few days, it is a matter of course when it comes to grazing. It's not bitchy, as I feared, but as always. I'm glad we chose the Easy Grazer and I think it helps to get our problems under control. Thanks again! Kind regards,, Christiane S.

Sylvia A.

Hello, everyone!I'm excited!My horse Paolo only wears the Easy Grazer for a short time, he gets along very well and even crawling with his buddy works!Top!Thanks and Regards, Sylvia A.

Sabine O. 

Good morning Mrs. Georgi,our easygrazer has lasted 3 years! Sensational 😉. Anyway, we are very very happy with it and thanks for this super development.

Clementine G, Besançon (France)

I received my grazer very quickly and well packaged. I tested it with my deer horse who is used to grazing (but always finds a way to take them off..) It's lightweight, there's no chafing, which is great for my horse who wears it a lot. Sabine was really available to answer my question about fitting. Fyi, my horses sizes are usually Cob for halters and I took the L size, it fit perfectly. I am very pleased and have recommended it to my peers. The quality is in line with the price. So far my horse has not found a way to take it off. 

Barbara L, Eifel

Thank you very much, for the uncomplicated processing. The Eazy Grazer in size M is now on its way back to you. We are looking forward when the Eazy Grazer in size S is there, then our Shetty can finally go to the meadow together with the others. This is a great invention. Because the commercial muzzles are absolutely not suitable for horses. I have already told my vet about it, she also has Shettys, and found the idea with the Eazy Grazer super. I will definitely recommend the Eazy Grazer, as it is the only horse-friendly muzzle on the market. Many greetings from the Eifel, Barbara L.

Kirsten T., Donauwörth

Everything done right can only be said, great product!

Julia R.

Dear Mrs. Georgi, we have already made acquaintance with the EasyGrazer: our jumping horse suffered a severe colic due to a change of stable in combination with the high temperatures last August; he survived the surgery, but the following weeks were really exhausting.... Almost every hour we checked the feed intake, many small portions of hay were given, even at night. Thanks to a super-loving open stable owner who put her EasyGrazer in our hands, we were able to get back to normal quite quickly. It was also nice that the EasyGrazer could be restored to its original condition under running hot water and I was able to return it like new a month ago. Despite winter meadow and the best care, however, I would like to have an EasyGrazer in the cupboard for emergencies.

Dani M., Buchenbach

Dear Mrs. Georgi, thank you very much for the fast delivery. The easygrazer arrived just in time, because the horses came a week earlier than planned to the pasture. So the muzzle came today immediately to use. Fits great, good quality, comfortable to wear (at least I think so). Many thanks and all the best, Dani M.

Tina J.

Hello Mrs. Georgi,

I have already received the first EasyGrazer, I am so enthusiastic that I would like to order one for my second horse.Therefore now the second order.Kind regards, Tina J.

Fiona F.

Hi Sabine,

Just to say the EasyGrazer arrived on Saturday – it’s fantastic! Thank you so much – my friend that I ride with thinks it is great too and might order one for her Barbe Arabe too! Here is a picture of my Spanish horse wearing it.

Kind regards

Micaela O., Rheinbach

I was looking for a comfortable feeding brake after a gas colic in my mare. By chance I became aware of the Easygrazer.

It seemed perfect to me. After a short phone call with the "inventor" he was sent to me in a flash.My expectations were not disappointed.

It perfectly fulfills its purpose, is comfortable and airy; putting it on is a matter of seconds.

The material is soft, yet sturdy. I now have 2 Easygrazers - I thought it unfair that only one horse has to graze with a feeding brake.

Next summer they will be used again.

Tanja L

absolutely great...I am happy every day about the EasyGrazer

Greetings from Porta Westfalica

Caroline W., Kanada

Hello Sabine,

I wanted to tell you that after two weeks of using the Easy grazer muzzle I am very pleased with it. Both of my horses adapted to it very quickly and are quite happy to have the muzzles put on before going out to pasture.

The fit is great and I think the roominess of the muzzle makes them feel unconstricted and free. In all, I am super pleased with this purchase. Could you tell me what reduction in grass intake you believe is achieved with the muzzle on the horse?

I have passed my thoughts on to (...) at Summerside Tack in Comox as well as I have cc’ed her on this email. Your product is expensive, but it is very much worth it for the quality and fit. Summerside Tack is the type of store that would carry such a quality product and I believe you were going to send S. some pamphlets translated into English.

Thanks so much for this great product. It will allow my ponies to enjoy a more normal lifestyle !