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Sizes S M L XL
upper ring diameter 52 cm 60 cm 70 cm 79 cm
middle ring diameter 50 cm 58 cm 65 cm 74 cm
lower ring diameter 47 cm 55 cm 60 cm 66cm
bottom ring diameter 10 cm 11 cm 11 cm 12,5 cm
Suitable for Minishetties shetties and little ponies standard size for 80% of the horses like Haflingers, small warmbloods, Arabs, , Spanish, Quarter, Icelandic horses, etc. big warmbloods and draft horses.


Holli B. Leuven

My horse loves it it allows him to be out in the pasture and it’s not uncomfortable, no rubbing marks. I did substitute the neoprene for lambswool that was my modification for my horse. I have two of them. I had tried other mussles before and my horse did not like them so I was happy to find one he was happy with.
I would like to add that customer service is beyond excellent if you have a problem or question they will get back to you very fast. 


Monika B. , Elsendorf

Hello Mrs. Georgi, I just wanted to give a short feedback. The EasyGrazer arrived yesterday and was created yesterday and today for the first getting used to each 4 hours. I'm really excited. Yesterday, the pony man looked a bit sparing, but already today he had out that you can eat comfortably with the other at the pile, there are less and you have to try a bit, but he was absolutely calm and relaxed. Now we will slowly extend the wearing time and then see if it is enough if the basket is then worn during the day. Thanks again for the fast delivery! best regards Monika B. (and the fat rebel :))

Claudia P., Gevelsberg

I was in July in Mönchengladbach at the Cavallo event and really the best grazing muzzle I have seen so far! A very well thought-out product!

Stefanie S. ,Sprockhövel

Otherwise, we are very happy with the Easy Grazer, my pony likes to take him on what was not the case with other models !!

Dani M., Buchenbach

Dear Mrs. Georgi, thank you for the fast delivery. The easygrazer arrived just right because the horses came to the pasture one week earlier than planned. So the muzzle was used today. Fits great, good quality, comfortable to wear (I think at least). Thank you and all the best, Dani M.

Tina J.

Hello Mrs. Georgi, I have already received the first EasyGrazer, I am so excited that I would like to order one for my second horse as well. That's why the second order. Best regards, Tina J.

Heinz Herbert A., Wissen

Thank you very much Hello Mrs. Georgi, Thank you for the quick delivery! I am so very positively surprised by the good response of my horse, an Icelandic quartermix mare wearing the easygrazers neo over the first time. After just a few annoying snorts, she immediately made herself nibble on the grass again. She was very willing to let Him do it. I was afraid of that, because she did not calm down last grazing season with a cheap, usual scuffing brake and just ran around like crazy in the pasture. After I had cut the nostrils and enlarged the hole, it was a little better, she has scavenged by the nose. I then threw the thing away after a few tries Size L fits so far well, only the basket is a bit big at the upper blue edge, but if it is properly fastened, it should not be able to hang somehow with the hoof. I would still have been happy if there were more holes in the throat belt, then you would not have to knock around and find the right tool. Tomorrow I'll try it with leather punch.

Material and design are as described and as I imagined, a great, robust part. The rivets would have been better in the back than on the bridge of the nose (scared off). But there are already some experiences and I trust that it is so right. Great that you have developed the easygrazer, otherwise it would not look good on the market for scooters. I am looking forward to further experiences with your product and can only recommend it! Warm greetings and best wishes!

Petra B., Pappenheim

Hi Sabine,

Just to say the EasyGrazer arrived on Saturday – it’s fantastic!  Thank you so much – my friend that I ride with thinks it is great too and might order one for her Barbe Arabe too!  Here is a picture of my Spanish horse wearing it.

Kind regards (Originaltext)

Maria K. Österreich

Hello Mrs. Georgi, Thank you for the immediate delivery! I had observed other horses in the pasture with the traditional Fressbremsen and was convinced that they do not want to expect my horse. After some browsing the internet, I came to your website and was immediately impressed by the easygrazer. I'm positively surprised how quickly my Quartermix gelding accepted the easygrazer. With the Lederlochzange I have adjusted with additional holes the throat straps. Also the attached replacement rivets are a good decision. Material and design are as described and as I have imagined, a definitely robust part. More orders could follow, the grazing muzzle was already admired several times. A good development !!! Many Thanks, Maria K. Austria

Annika R. Mühbrook

Mrs. Georgi, I do not know what to say ... My mare carries the Easygrazer now already the 2nd Day without grumbling and stripping. A great invention. THANK YOU

Dani, Bornheim

Since I can not always influence the grazing time of my horses - at the moment it is unfortunately 24 hours - I have decided ... a screeching brake must come .... The Easy Grazer convinced me as the only muzzle very quickly. This extremely soft yet sturdy Secu material seemed to me optimal for a sensitive horse's head, it felt really good and soft in my hands. At first I found the price a bit high but meanwhile I find it absolutely justified, because the quality of this product is really right! My Spaniard wears it at night and when I come to the pasture in the evening, the Easy-Grazer clearly visible in my hand, my horse is still trotted. He gets the scissors without problems and with his head down. Wearing in no way interferes with drinking, whelking and even grooming is possible. My conclusion: great product which is really worth its price! My horse has a great, healthy figure and our relationship does not suffer in any way! I am absolutely convinced and have no bad conscience more or even fears regarding horse health !!! Many Thanks!!!

Brigitte A., Reichshof

Hello Mrs. Georgi, The EasyGrazer arrived on Friday and I not only unpacked it immediately, but also tried it on immediately. To my biggest surprise and joy he fits !! Thank you, you have developed a muzzle, which I will tighten now with a better conscience of my mare in the grazing season. He is not so big, leaves the nostrils free, seems to be soft. ... many Greetings

Micaela O., Rheinbach

I was looking for a gas brake on my mare for a comfortable eating brake. By chance, I became aware of the Easygrazer. He seemed perfect to me. After a short phone call with the "inventor" he was sent to me at lightning speed. My expectations have not been disappointed. It perfectly fulfills its purpose, is pleasant and airy; putting on a matter of seconds. The material is soft, yet stable. I now have 2 easygrazers - I found it unjust that only a horse with a grazing brake has to graze. They will be used again next summer.

Thalke S., Nordenham

..My mares get along fantastically with their Easy Grazer and can stay in the pasture just as long as the other horses. Thank you for your creative development. Warm greeting

Laura K., Solingen

Dear Ms.  Georgie, Thank you for the quick replacement of the EasyGrazers! I am very confident of your product and will give you a positive feedback on your site in a timely manner. I've seen my pony standing on the paddock for the summer, but thanks to the EasyGrazer, he can easily spend 5-6 hours a day on pasture. Before we had severe problems with colic (already from 30 minutes meadow), as our pastures are unfortunately heavily fertilized and my pony has a hasty feeding behavior. In addition, he tended to gasps quickly, but thanks to the EasyGrazers a lower and stretched feed intake over a long period is possible and he can spend the summer with his friends in the pasture. Many Thanks! Yours sincerely