How do I fit the EasyGrazer?

First of all, you have to be aware that every piece of 
equipment does NOT really belong to the horse and always
represents a compromise. In that sense, we have to control
our horses daily if we release them with anything in their
fenced habitat, which is not theirs. The EasyGrazer® is
extremely horse-friendly and has a very high acceptance
among horses. As filigree as he is, if he is on the horse
for several weeks, the skin and coat should be able to
recover from the EasyGrazer every now and then. Once the correct size has been determined, the EasyGrazer®
must be carefully and properly fastened to minimize
long-term chafing. Between the horse's mouth and bottom ring should just have
a little finger space, accordingly buckle the cheek pieces
please short enough. If necessary, please make another hole
with the punch in the stripping of the head piece. Likewise, the cheek piece be behind the cheeks
on the parotid gland. Please loosen the cheek strap
according to the size of your horse. Here you should find
a finger between each square on each side - please do not
disconnect the parotid gland! Thus, the EasyGrazer® stably
and bindingly parks in the place where it belongs and does
not disturb the horse significantly. It does not wobble and
friction is minimized as far as possible.