Can I return my EasyGrazer?

We will gladly exchange your EasyGrazer for a different 
size, of course you also have the right to exchange the
purchase price if you no longer want your EasyGrazer.
Please contact us in advance for a smooth process. For each exchange is an original packaged EasyGrazer
(welded), which has NOT yet been tried on the horse, a
prerequisite. Unfortunately, due to hygienic reasons
(droplet infection), we can not take back an EasyGrazer,
which - even if only briefly - has already come into
contact with the horse's mouth. You too have received a
brand new EasyGrazer without health risk for your horse. Unfortunately, we have repeatedly received dirty EasyGrazer
with saliva marks on the bottom ring from returns.
For this reason, we do not take back any tried-and-tested
EasyGrazer anymore. Please take enough time for size
selection. We are happy to help, if that is difficult.
We also give tips when adjusting.