How do I find the right size?

It is very important that the EasyGrazer is ordered in the 
right size. For this you will find the dimensions for each
size on the cross rings here on the website. First, the EasyGrazer should loosely fit around the nostrils
(lower diameter ring) and should not rest on the hyoid bone
(middle ring with medium diameter). At the level of the
posterior molars sits the upper ring with the largest
diameter. Here should also 1-2 fingers have space.
Accordingly, add about 3 cm to the measurements for the
circumference. In summary, the appropriate size can be determined in this
way: Nostrils circumference + about 3 cm = lower ring about 3 fingers across + about 3 cm = middle ring about 3 fingers across it + about 3 cm = upper ring
(about 2-4cm under the cheekbone, ne after head length). If you have any questions, we are happy to help.